Our Story

Our story starts back in 2011 when the three of us met. Parents from different countries, wanting the best for their children and determined to do everything possible to get there! Our boys are the same age but back then were on very different phases of their individual journeys.

Fast forward seven years and here we are. We still believe that parents are the child’s best resource and that it is not possible to predict what a child will be able to do (or not do) based on where the child is now. We believe that amazing things are possible, we believe in patience and persistence, and most of all we believe in unconditional love and acceptance.

Our boys are still on different phases of their journeys, but the gap is much smaller now. Both are happy, lively and considerate. Both love friends and peers. One is into sports, the other is a Marvel fan. One is in school, the other not yet. Both will reach their full potential, of that we are sure.

We have helped each other over the years, sharing experience and information, and keeping ourselves motivated through the days that felt harder, celebrating each other’s victories and celebrating the enormous progress that our boys have made!